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This is not a complaint as of yet,but just some concerns about wether or not they are a Read Dropshipper site with Real Wholesale Dropshippers.

1. Written by Cromwell, on 03-01-2008 14:03

I'm a New Broker for, has anyone done buisness with them, They seem well intentioned, but they aren't intergrated, that is you can't search for a product, you have to go through there lists one by one, they do have REAL Customer Support, I can ALWAYS get someone on their help line to help, but there wholesalers are , like Target,Circut City, Wall Mart,Staples which are retailers so I don't think they qualify as being Wholesellers, and comments, ,

thank for your time


Coquille, Oregon, United States #7831

I have allot of trouble with too.I've been with them since January 08 and have yet to get something on my sites.

It's very hard to figure out what how to do anything. Their instructions are very wordy but very vague. I cannot say that I'm happy with them at this point.

I do hope it improves though.But from what I see here, it kinda dashes my hopes.

Skagway, Alaska, United States #1907

no it is not a drop shipper.they are an affiliate with the retailer and your clicks and purchases through the site allow for payment to them and discounts to you.

In the end, you get a payment of the discount that is allowed.:(

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